Steel fiber concrete is a high-performance concrete that can be used in a variety of applications. It impresses with its high flexural tensile and shear strength and its low tendency to crack and deform.

STSTABILS steel fibers: straight, high-strength and with micro-anchors

The higher the proportion of STABILS steel fibers in the concrete, the stronger the positive effects on the strength properties of the concrete. The use of steel fiber concrete due to its significantly improved strength properties in cured concrete a worthwhile investment. Thus, the compressive strength can be increased and the flexural tensile and shear strength as well as the cracking and deformation behavior can be improved.

Steel fiber concrete is a high-performance and environmentally friendly construction material used in many applications. It has been used in Germany since the mid-1970s. Steel fiber concrete is an innovative building material produced in accordance with EN 206 and has high post-cracking strength due to the addition of steel fibers. The combination of concrete and steel fibers results in a flexible and homogeneous composite material with improved properties. In the process, they also influence the shrinkage behavior of the concrete.

STABILS steel fibers have the ability to control and bridge cracks in the concrete, providing a degree of post-cracking strength. By preventing macrocracking from the existing microcracks, the structure is further protected. Normally, the post-cracking behavior is limited ductility at common dosages. However, with higher dosages and high-strength steel fibers, full ductility can be achieved, including material strengthening.