Optimized precast concrete elements with STABILS steel fibers

Significant optimizations can be achieved by using STABILS steel fibers in precast plants.

The excellent material properties make STABILS steel fibers the ideal reinforcement for precast concrete elements. Thanks to their high strength, they are particularly suitable as reinforcement substitutes when the concrete quality of precast elements increases.

Many solid (monolithic) precast concrete elements in a wide variety of shapes and sizes can be manufactured with STABILS steel fibers. Applications for STABILS steel fibers include, for example, pipes, shaft and frame structures for infrastructure buildings, special parts such as segments in tunnel construction, supports and beams for industrial construction, and stair elements.

This is where they can effectively exploit the advantages of steel fiber concrete:

  • Reinforcement safety also in the edge and surface areas
  • Improved shrinkage crack behavior
  • Higher flexural strength
  • Better ductility
  • Increased impact resistance

The production of precast concrete components is often accompanied by challenges arising from complex or curved reinforcement with tight tolerances and limited component sizes. In order to facilitate the installation of the reinforcement and optimize the compaction of the concrete, the use of STABILS steel fibers is recommended.

By optimizing the design of precast concrete components in the planning and conception phase, potential difficulties during production can be avoided. Targeted component optimization is of great importance here.

For numerous cases, steel fiber concrete represents a convincing alternative, as it can be processed efficiently and also has an adequate load-bearing capacity. With STABILS steel fibers, even complete ductility can be achieved with the appropriate dosage.

Steel fibers are often used as the only reinforcement in the manufacture of sewage pipes and segmental elements. In prestressed precast beams, STABILS steel fibers can replace stirrup reinforcement and work effectively together with the prestressing components.

Depending on the country and the components, specific approvals are required.