Precast concrete elements made of steel fiber concrete

STABILS steel fibers simply make concrete components more efficient

The production process of precast concrete elements can be optimized efficiently by a homogeneous distribution of the steel fibers. Steel fiber concrete with STABILS steel fibers is a lightweight yet strong building material. It is ideally suited for the production of precast concrete elements such as stairs, gutters, pipes or room cells.

Steel fiber concrete with STABILS steel fibers is a high-performance and environmentally friendly construction material that is used in many areas of application. The addition of steel fibers positively influences above all the flexural strength as well as the cracking and deformation behavior of the concrete.

STABILS - Functional and efficient

Steel fiber concrete with STABILS steel fibers is a versatile building material suitable for many concrete components. Optimal application is ensured by a mathematical determination of the dimensions and economic efficiency. In contrast to reinforced concrete, steel fiber concrete is produced in a single operation, which results in considerable savings of working time during processing.

The economic and functional optimization of steel fiber concrete is achieved by structural engineering calculations. This property makes STABILS steel fibers an extremely economical solution for precast concrete elements.

The influence of the steel fibers on the properties of the material can be controlled by the dosage. A higher dosage leads to a considerable influence on the load-bearing capacity (especially in bending tension) in the case of a partially or completely cracked cross-section, while in the non-cracked state the load-bearing capacity is only moderately increased. Compared with concrete, steel fiber concrete exhibits post-cracking behavior that has an extremely positive effect.

More performance of your concrete with STABILS steel fibers

Concrete is a brittle material that can quickly crack and spall under tensile or flexural stress. But by adding STABILS steel fibers, the structure of the concrete is changed and it becomes more resistant to stresses and bending. Cracks also have less chance of forming.

The STABILS steel fibers are evenly distributed in the concrete and change its properties in all directions. A concrete reinforced with steel fibers is characterized above all by its high resistance to compression, tension and bending. At the same time, it is also significantly more ductile and thus less susceptible to cracking.